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Prof. Dr Gerd Leuchs

QUTEGA - the national initative for quantum technologies

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has decided to set up a national initiative “Quantentechnologie – Grundlagen und Anwendungen (QUTEGA)” (Quantum technology - Fundamentals and Applications) to promote quantum technologies and to prepare for the EU flagship program on quantum technologies. Following a suggestion from the scientific community, Prof. Dr. Gerd Leuchs has been assigned the coordination of QUTEGA by the BMBF. He is being supported by the QUTEGA Committee, a group of 28 scientists. The number of members is so high in order to ensure that all areas of the field are represented. 

In early 2017 the committee published a paper in which the subject of quantum technologies is described. Recommendations for promotion structures in this national initiative were also included. Also in 2017, BMBF decided to support three pilot projects, by means of which the national initiative was to be given momentum. 

In addition, Federal Minister of Research Johanna Wanka announced for early 2017, under the framework of QUTEGA, a call for tenders on quantum communication. This process involves the use of single light particles to process and transmit information. The goal is the development of highly secure communications links in which every attack can be recognized, and the encryption systems of which cannot be broken even with high-power quantum computers. 

Quantum technologies can be applied in a wide variety of areas. In many fields they enable the improvement of known techniques, but they also open fundamentally new possibilities. Current limitations in existing metrological and structuring processes can be overcome by means of quantum effects. Among the areas of application are interferometry, microscopy, lithography, imaging, sensor technology, and time synchronization.